Why is Cotton the best fabric for baby clothes?

As a new-born’s mother, you always want to select the best for your baby. Their super-sensitive skin is highly susceptible to infections and allergies. Thus to ensure their maximum comfort and well-being we suggest all mothers buy cotton clothes for their precious ones. Because we know when it comes to the baby’s comfort mothers don’t cut corners.

Cotton is undoubtedly crowned the ‘Mother of all fabrics’. Let’s find out why!

1. Cotton reduces the risk of allergies

Babies and toddlers are prone to allergies and infections which can be aggravated by rough synthetic fabrics. Cotton, on the other hand, is made organically and permits better aeration. It is highly breathable and absorbs moisture and helps your baby beat the scorching summer heat. 

2. Less Hassle

Cotton clothes are easily washable and won’t produce static cling. Stains are so common on baby clothes and can give mothers a real headache, but don’t worry a quick fix for this messy problem is to wear cotton. Stains or specks of dirt on cotton clothes wear away easily and do not even demand any hard soap or powder. 

3. Sleep better

Clothes made of cotton are scientifically proven to help you sleep better. Babies’ skin is highly absorbent in the developmental stages. Unlike synthetic fibers, cotton clothes won’t trap heat underneath ensuring a regular flow of circulation of blood thereby uninterrupting your baby’s precious sleep.

Bonus, with our comfortable range of cotton clothes super moms can get back their share of daytime naps too!

4. Sustainability

 Cotton being 100% organic, poses zero threats to the environment. It is biodegradable in nature. Thus, apart from the additional benefits of comfort it also instills a sense of awareness and conscience for the environment. 

Fun fact: 

Did you know up until the mid-1800s, children pretty much wore miniature versions of their parent’s clothing? How adorable! 

Thus, when it comes to a functional and fashionable wardrobe, our range of cotton clothes is your answer!

(Image Source: Unsplash)

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