Parenthood: A Rollercoaster Ride

From the day you learned about your baby to the day you held her for the first time, it is an emotion one can hardly explain. Your baby smiling for the first time, learning to crawl for the first time, or even calling you ‘mom’ for the first time, are such intense moments of joy, that you encounter in this roller coaster ride of parenthood.

An overwhelming sense of anxiety that hovers around you, seems to change with every new age and stage. Feed on demand. Put him on a schedule. Comfort him immediately. Change his diapers. Tuck him in bed asleep. Use a swing. So many commands to follow! As you embark on this surreal journey of parenthood, you realize it changes your life and reveals your true grit, digging deep for strength and faith.

It evokes the most intense feelings of tenderness and joy, but sometimes it can get over your head and result in stress, frustration, and a rage that you haven’t experienced before. Don’t worry we got that covered too. 

Here are few tips that will help you strike a balance: 

1. Try and follow a structured schedule, the first few months will be difficult, goes without saying. But develop a habit of sticking by it, as much as possible.

2. Avoid energy-draining activities. Don’t go for intense workouts regular house cleaning sprees. 

3. Take rests whenever you get time. Meditate, if need be.

4. Communicate with your Partner. Write it in journals. Don’t keep your feelings pent up.

5. Engage in activities with your little ones. It will keep your mind off negative things. 

Celebrate the traditions, nurture the culture and give your baby the protected circle he/she needs at that sensitive stage. Embrace the moments. Live in it. Capture it. The smiles, the confusion and the adorable eyes. Understand you will never be the same. It is then when you realize the true gift of being a parent. And while you are at it, you can cross out the worry of getting the perfect clothes for your baby, because we have taken care of that. Check out our brand- Amy Kidswear’s extensive range of super comfy and organic cotton clothes collection from your homes!

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