A quick guide on how to choose your baby’s clothes:

As challenging as it is to shop for your new-born, you cannot deny the innate pleasure you derive out of it. Most moms experience a gamut of conflicting emotions and wishes to getting everything best for their kids. With the rising safety concern due to Covid-19, as mothers, you become extra cautious and we understand that. 

Therefore we have curated a list of factors to be kept in mind while buying clothes for babies to make your life as a parent much easier and stress-free! 


When shopping for your little ones, we suggest paying special attention to the fabric you select. Cotton is the best choice for baby apparel. It is highly absorbent, soft and completely organic. Go for quality over quantity. You can read more about the preferred fabric on another blog. (Insert link of the first blog)


One can easily get carried away by the adorable designs of baby outfits. But what you must not forget is that they might be harmful to them. Accessories like ribbons, frills, bows, unnecessary fetters can bother the baby and be a cause of irritation. Avoid small buttons or beads on their clothes as kids have a tendency to swallow everything at their sight. Keeping a gender-neutral palette would be ideal.

Easy functionality:

Always select simple clothes that can be easily worn off. Wide necks with fewer or no zipper or flaps are perfect for babies. Make sure you remove all the tags before putting them on the baby. If there are rough edges on the snaps or on the zipper, avoid them. For the initial months we suggest you to go for onesies.


Remember, babies grow at a faster rate so restrain from buying too many clothes in advance. Imagine getting an adorable frock for your tiny one only to find it to be small is disappointing. Therefore, ensure you buy clothes that are slightly oversized.


Buy season-appropriate clothing and think ahead. Never overdress your baby to keep them warm, it makes them uncomfortable and causes them to become hypoglycaemic. Dress them normally and add blankets to protect them from cold.  We hope, our tips and suggestions will be of use and will help you shop for your baby in the most organic manner. If you want to live minimally with the most adorably hassle-free baby apparel, our collection will bring you much delight.

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